This article will go over the reasons why your server might have got suspended.


If you think that any of these reasons do not apply to your situation, please open a Support Ticket!


Have you paid all the invoices generated for your server?

Your server will get suspended on the 2nd day of overdue invoice. If the invoice has still not been paid after that, your server will be terminated (server closed, files deleted) 5 days after the invoice went overdue. This allows you plenty of time to pay!

If your server ever gets suspended and you know that you have paid, submit a ticket here and we'll let you know what has happened.


Have you violated WiseHosting Terms of Service?

We have zero tolerance policy and are not allowing any kind of illegal and/or violations to law. If we notice any violations being committed on our servers, we have the right to immediately suspend the service. If that has happened, we will let you know by a written notice that you can answer to.


Have your servers resource usage started to affect other customers?

You should take a look at your server logs files (Game Panel -> Files tab -> folder "logs")  and remove any plugins/mods/datapacks generating errors or warnings. 

If you have any resource intensive plugins like Dynmap running on your server, try downgrading the render time or view-distance on your server. Once you are sure your server is working fine, please contact Support and let us know so we can then unsuspended your account.


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.