This article will tell you how to properly give yourself admin privileges on your Minecraft Java server.

You will not be able to use any admin commands in-game until you OP yourself on your server.

1. Log into your WiseHosting Game Panel HERE.

2. Make sure to pick the server you'd like to OP yourself on and click "Manage Server".

3. You will be opened a dashboard of your server, with all the stats and console.

4. In the text box under the console, type op {username}, and press the Enter key.

Example: op larixd

If you'd like to remove OP permissions from someone on your server, please use the deop {usernamecommand in-game or in console. This command can be executed by any OP player or Admin on Game Panel.

You can also op and deop people from the Player Manager that you can find from the top bar of Game Panel.


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.