This article will show you how to create a MySQL database for your Minecraft Server.


A MySQL database is used by some Minecraft plugins to store data. So you will need to generate yourself a database using WiseHosting Panel.


Log into your WiseHosting Game Panel HERE.

Click Manage Server on the server that you want to setup the MySQL on.

On top of the console, click on More and then Databases. This will bring up a page with a button to create a new database.

Click New Database and fill in your desired database name and where connections should be allowed from.

Click Create Database.

To view your database connection details click on the eye icon.



Now stop the server and install the desired plugin you'd like to use MySQL from Plugins Installer.

Start the server back up to finalize installing the plugins.

Now that you've installed the desired plugins go to the Files tab and open up plugins folder.

Choose the plugin's folder that you want to add to the database and open it's config.yml file.

You can find all the necessary info located in your database connection details.

Make sure you input the details correctly. Save the data!


Remember: MySQL port is always 3306!


Resetting your database will remove all the information you have gathered from your server! 


Congratulations, now your server should have MySQL set up. Feel free to start customizing the plugins!


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.