This article will show you how to create and manage a whitelist for your Minecraft Server.


First off, login to WiseHosting Game Panel and open up the server you want to setup the whitelist on.

Click on Properties from the Game Panel tabs.

Find the option white-list and switch it from Disabled to Enabled.


Make sure to restart the server for the changes to apply.


Once restarted, you have to add players to the whitelist through the console of the server.

The commands you'll have to use, are:

whitelist add username

You will need to repeat the command as for every player you want to add to the whitelist.


If you'd like to remove someone from your whitelist, use the following command through the console:

whitelist remove username

or open the tab Player Manager from the top of the Game Panel, find the player name you'd like to remove and click remove from whitelist.


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.