This article will show you how to change your server version and type.

If you are upgrading your server and want to keep the world, you MUST update it one version at a time or your world may be corrupted.


Important Information

We recommend backing up your data before any type of change. If you'd like to know how to do that, find the guide from hereIt is not recommended to downgrade your world to an older versions, or the server could crash. 

We always recommend to make a clean install of your server when switching to or from modpacks. Changing your server version from Vanilla to Spigot/Paper, we recommended to keep the same Minecraft version you had before.

Changing Your Server Type


To change your server type or version, please do the following:


Log in to your WiseHosting Game Panel here and Stop your server.

Find Change Version and click on it.

Now select the Server Type you'd like to install, from the list.

All the available Versions are now displayed and ready for you to pick from. After picking the Version, you are asked again if you'd like to continue. If yes, click on Install.

Start your server by clicking Start on the Dashboard

Congratulations, you have successfully installed a new Type and Version on your Server.


If you find any issues with changing your server type, please contact us through Contact Form or via the ticket system.