This article will help you choose a better location for your Minecraft Server!


At first, when you were ordering your server, you had to choose a hosting location for it. We usually suggest to pick the location closest to you or your main player base.


Remember, US players will have high latency on EU servers, and opposite.


If you experience a high latency because your player base is far from the original server location, we can move the location of your server. Please make sure that you back-up your server before any of the moving process!

To move your server, please let our Support Agents know by opening a ticket in WiseHosting Billing Area. It's important to include the information of:

  • which server you'd like to move;
  • where should the new location be;
  • what is the reason of moving your server;


Remember that your Server IP will CHANGE! if you want to transfer your server to a new location. If you are using a custom domain as your server IP, remember to forward the new server IP to that address.


After our Support Agents have accepted your request, they will let you know when your server transfer will take action. You might experience short downtime while the server is being transferred. 


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.