This article will show you how to change your Minecraft world seed.


In order to change a level seed, you will need to create a new world.


Log into your WiseHosting Game Panel HERE.

Open up the Worlds tab of the server that you want to set a new level seed on.

Find a button that's called New World and click on it. This will open a pop-up page.

Pick a name for your new world and fill up the Worldname box.

Find the box Seed, and add the seed you'd like your world to have.

You can find example seeds from our blog "20 Seeds You Must Try in Minecraft 1.20" or from website like

Remember to click on the button Create and then restart the server.


Congratulations, now your server should start up with a new world and seed!


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.