Iron farms are a great addition to any Minecraft world, as they provide a reliable source of iron ingots that can be used for tools, armor, and many other items. In this tutorial, we will be building a simple and efficient iron farm, based on the build by Shulkercraft.

To begin, there are a few things you will need:

  • A flat area of land to build on;
  • Some basic building materials, such as wood or stone blocks, glass panes, and fences;
  • Villagers, which can be found in villages or cured from zombie villagers;
  • A way to transport the villagers to the farm (minecart or boat);

Step 1: Prepare the area

Start by clearing a flat area of land that is at least 20x20 blocks in size. You will need to dig down at least 10 blocks to create a spawning platform for the iron golems. Make sure there are no other villages or iron golem spawning areas nearby, as this can interfere with the farm's efficiency.

Step 2: Build the structure

The design we will be using is a simple rectangular box, with four "pods" for the villagers to live in. Here's how to build it:

  • Start by placing a layer of blocks around the edge of the 20x20 area, leaving a 2-block gap between the edge and the inside of the platform.
  • Build up the walls to a height of 10 blocks.
  • Place four 2-block high pods inside the platform, one in each corner. These will be the villagers' homes.
  • Connect the pods to the outer walls with fences, so the villagers can't escape.
  • Add a roof made of glass panes or other transparent blocks, to allow sunlight to reach the villagers and activate the iron golem spawning.

Step 3: Add the villagers

You will need at least two villagers for the farm to work, but more will increase the rate of iron golem spawning. Here's how to do it:

  • Transport the villagers to the farm using a minecart or boat.
  • Place them inside the pods, one in each.
  • Wait for them to "claim" their beds by sleeping in them overnight.

Step 4: Wait for iron golems to spawn

This may take some time, as the game only allows a certain number of iron golems to exist at once. However, with four villagers in the farm, you should start to see iron golems spawning within a few Minecraft days.

Step 5: Collect the iron

After the iron golems start spawning, they will wander around the platform and fall into the water channels that surround it. The water channels will transport them to a central collection point, where you can kill them and collect the iron ingots. You can use hoppers to automatically collect the iron ingots, or you can collect them manually.

That's it! With these simple steps, you can build an efficient and easy iron farm in Minecraft. If you'd like to see a more detailed tutorial, check out the Shulkercraft YouTube channel. You can find step-by-step tutorial videos and helpful tips for building and optimizing your iron farm.