This article walks you through of how to Access and Use WiseHosting Game Panel


The easiest way to access your newly purchased Minecraft server Game Panel is to log in from WiseHosting Billing Area and click Game Panel button on the upper right. This directs you to the right place in just a moment!

If you haven't got the access to the Billing Area, you can also manually log in from HERE.

Oauth Login: logging in with your Billing Area account.

Login: logging in to Game Panel with a separate password that you can create yourself by clicking Forgot Password? the first time you are here. Remember - this is not needed if you are using Billing Area to login from.


Starting from the Game Panel front page, here you have an overview of all your active Servers. If you don't have any yet, head towards our Homepage and order yourself your first Minecraft Server!


You are welcomed by 5 different tabs:

  • Server list: all your ordered servers, their name, IP address and quick status overview;
  • Account: change your password or email, activate Two-Step Verification for your login;
  • API Credentials: connect your servers with your Discord or any other external program you have created;
  • SSH Keys: authenticate and establish an encrypted communication between your server and an external program;
  • Activity: every log in to your Game Panel, server errors and more;


Today we are taking a closer look to the Server Management part of the Game Panel.

Returning to the Server list and clicking on Manage Server, the main Dashboard of WiseHosting Game Panel is opened up.

Game Panel consists of 9 tabs:

  • Console: the main page with server console and all the live data about your server performance and a few easy access shortcuts to other tabs;
  • Files: online server directory and file editor with possibility to create new directorys and upload files;
  • Plugins Installer: easy plugin installer with a search system to add cool features to your server;
  • Mods: multiple pages of different mods to use with Curseforge or Modrinth;
  • Version: list of all the available server types and versions, easy installation with just a few clicks;
  • Backups: access to manual backups, can upgrade to additional backups if needed;
  • Player Manager: online player list and an easy overview of OP, banned and whitelisted users;
  • More: databases, schedules, users, startup, settings and activity tabs;
    • Databases: access to MySQL databases, open a support ticket if you need a database;
    • Schedules: you can create automatic restarts or announcements to your server at the exact time you'd like these to happen;
    • Users: add an additional user to your Game Panel, like a business partner or server developer. Pick the permissions you'd like them to have;
    • Startup: manual way to choose a game version and startup command; 
    • Settings: your server details, SFTP info and server icon changer possibilities;
    • Activity: every command entered and move made is displayed here;


If you have any issues please contact us through Contact Form or via the Ticket System.